Low Sperm Count: The Studies Done For Better Understanding

You cannot deny the fact that more and more experts are finding out the truth in order to clarify the misunderstandings regarding the cause of low sperm count in men. This is due to the fact that there are still males who are suffering from finding out the real cause of their problem.

At times, some even experience depression just because they even consider themselves impotent, which is also related to how their self-esteem is lowered.

Basically, as studies are done, more and more discoveries are being revealed by the experts. The discoveries focused on the possible causes of low sperm count. In that way, they would be able to trace the possible solutions by contradicting the causes of low sperm count.

One of the possible causes revealed is the consumption of fatty foods.

In order to give you few studies that could support the fact, here are the following:

  • New Study

The recent study actually involved Danish men and researchers. The study resulted in a fact that shows eating high-fat diet could actually result to a lower sperm count. The approximate amount of decline is 40%.

The results of the study are basically published in www.righospitalet.com. The results just again explained that people who would likely eat more saturated fat would be promoting their lower sperm count and consequently alter the quality of their sperm.

  • Connected Study

On the other side, there is a study made by Brazilian researchers that if you eat more grains, oats, wheat, or even barley, you would be improving the mobility and the concentration of your sperm.

The study was actually done in 2011. In the same study, fruits are relatively linked to the agility boost and improvement of sperm speed.

  • The Contradiction

There is a specialist, named Tina Jensen, who stated that the saturated fat diet may not directly cause low sperm count. Instead, the low sperm count effect may only be associated with other problems caused by intake of fatty foods.

Tina Jensen also stated that obesity may be another cause of the problem.

  • Conclusive Study of Danish Men

fatty foodsThe Danish researchers again examined 701 young men, who are about 20 years old. The study involved comparing the men’s energy coming from fatty foods and its relation to sperm count.

The results actually showed that men who got their energy intake from fatty foods have 45 million sperm/milliliter of semen and 128 million count. On the other hand, men who got less than 11.2% of saturated fat energy had 50 million per milliliter of semen and 163 million sperm count.

  • France Study

The latest research done was by the British researchers in France. The experts said that the sperm count decrease may be affected by global implications. It could be termed as a serious public warning.

The above studies could give you understanding that fatty diet may certainly be linked to lower sperm count. In other words, you must at least be cognizant of how you should reduce fatty intake.

Hair Transplant: Say Good Bye to Baldness

Hair loss remedies don’t work on you anymore. The extent of baldness on your head may be too severe that you are appraised by your dermatologist to have a hair transplant. How is it done? What are the things you have to expect when undergoing such procedure?

Hair Transplant

hair transplantThis procedure helps you regain what you have lost over the years- thicker strands of hair. In 1950’s, this procedure began to reverse the effects of hair loss by transplanting a strip of hair-growing scalp (usually from back portion of the head) filling an area of baldness or thinning.

This only requires local anesthesia and can be done in your doctor’s clinic.

How is It Done?

First, your surgeon does skin prep or cleans your scalp. Injection of a local anesthetic comes after. This will give you the feeling of numbness on the area. Three to four inches of scalp is then removed using a scalpel.

Your surgeon then sutures the area closed and is barely noticeable because of the thick growth of hair on the area.

Next, your surgeon carefully divides the removed scalp strips into five hundred to two thousand tiny grafts. Sounds like a tough job. Indeed it is! The type of hair graft and number relies on quality, color, hair type as well as the area to which it will be transplanted.

After all grafts are ready, your doctor again cleans and injects anesthesia, this time on the area where transplantation will be done. Slits or holes are then made using a needle or scalpel and your surgeon carefully puts each graft in every hole.

This is another arduous task. The whole surgical procedure usually runs for 4 to 8 hours. Additional sessions may be recommended depending on the extent of baldness and the need for surgery.

What to Expect?

After the procedure, you may feel tenderness over the surgical site. You will be prescribed pain medications that you need to take for several days. Your surgeon may place a dressing to cover your scalp that you need not remove for a day or two.

You need to take antibiotics as well as an anti-inflammatory medication for a few days after surgery. Usually, it takes 2 to 5 days before you can go back to work.

2 to 3 weeks following surgery, the hair that has been transplanted may start to fall out. Fret not because it is expected to grow new hair strands after several months. After 6-9 months you may notice a 60% growth of new strands on your head.

Amazing! Your dermatologist may recommend a hair growing agent such as minoxidil (Rogaine) to enhance the growth of new strands after a transplant.

The Solution

This may be the key to your long-existing problem. You think you have exhausted all means in your effort to reverse baldness.

Talk to your surgeon who specializes in hair transplant about this. Also, educate yourself about the cost of treatment and the risks that you may face. Say good bye to baldness!

What to Consider Before Buying an Elliptical Machine

It’s not uncommon to find a lot of people nowadays wanting to get fit. There is such a huge influence made b y the media on how people of all ages should remain fit in order to look good.

However, the benefits don’t just end there. Working out and exercising on a regular basis actually helps maintain one’s health. This prevents a person from succumbing to illnesses and conditions, or at least makes them less susceptible to them.

Physical fitness has become such a top priority for people nowadays that there is such a huge demand for all sorts of fad diets and supplements to help in weight loss. However, there are also many kinds of fitness equipment which can aid a person in this matter.

In fact, one of the most popular solutions is to get an elliptical machine for home use. These machines allow individuals to work out without risking injury on the feet, ankles and knees.

Elliptical machines prove useful for the athletes who wish to acquire a total body workout which can complement other exercise programs without experiencing injuries.

Of course, one would have to consider a number of factors before they get to choose the right kind of machine.

  1. One matter to look into is where the machine will fit, apart from finding a suitable location for it to be used. Placement is highly essential, since users would want to be comfortable, have the right temperature and lighting. It would also benefit them to make sure it’s positioned in a spot that doesn’t offer distractions such as family members or friends walking through, or even preventing them from working out properly. The flooring should also be sturdy enough to handle the weight of the machine, and should be flat.
  2. elliptical machineAnother thing to consider is the format of the machine. Surprisingly, there are still a lot of people who don’t know or comprehend the proper usage of these elliptical. It appears in the form of a stationary bike, only that it doesn’t have a seat. Designs are also varied, with some featuring single or double-set handles with rubber hand grips. Some machines are also equipped with mobile handles, which allow users to move their arms back & forth, thus giving the arms a good workout.
  3. Features are definitely something to look into prior to choosing an elliptical trainer. As a matter of fact, users would want to get the most bang for their buck, and this would include having digital consoles which keep track of their workout progress. There should also be some programming options that would suit all levels of fitness, ranging from beginner to advanced levels.

These are just some of the things that people must consider before they actually get to avail of an elliptical machine.

For sure, the benefits of using such equipment are tremendous, but if these points aren’t even considered, it may lead to a rather regrettable decision in the long run.

Common Penis Extender FAQs

bigger penisMost males have always wanted to have a bigger penis, and would often find themselves confused about the methods they should avail of.

While it has long been advertised in the media that there are products which can truly help one acquire a much bigger penile size, it still doesn’t prevent any confusion from setting in. In fact, these products have claimed to be effective, but that isn’t the case for every one of them.

While there are many ways in which a man can finally experience a boost in their confidence levels as they please their partners in bed, one of the most effective solutions to achieving this is through the use of a penis extender.

This product has long been dominant in the male enhancement industry, and there are a lot of males who have taken advantage of their benefits. Of course, it’s also expected that some men would be quite skeptical of them, which leads them to ask a variety of questions.

Below are some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding penis extenders.

  1. What are penis extenders? These are portable, light weight devices which a man can wear on their penis to improve size, specifically girth and length. These can be worn anywhere between 4 to 8 hours on a daily basis for a time frame of 6 months max. These devices come in the form of silicon nooses or even straps which are quite comfy to wear. They’re so comfortable that one can actually wear them under their clothes anytime of the day.
  2. How do these devices work? It utilizes a technique called traction, in which it applies a certain amount of tension on the corpora cavernosa of the penis. This part is known to hold in a lot of blood when an erection is experienced. The traction technique actually causes a few micro-tears to take place in the penis’ tissue, although these aren’t even felt or are they visible at all. Cells in the genitals would then start to replicate and help heal those micro-tears, which then lead to the increase of penis size. Apart from that, they can even correct physical penile flaws such as curvature or abnormality in shape. There has been a recent study which indicated that 18 men who have taken part in it have experienced corrections in their penis problems after using penis extenders.
  3. How safe are these devices? These are, in fact, viewed by many to be the safest solutions to experiencing penile enlargement, since it works mainly around scientific concepts. It has long been promoted by doctors as an effective alternative to availing of surgery for increasing the size of the penis. They also don’t pose any discomfort to the wearer, which is always a good thing.

These are just some of the questions which are frequently asked by males who are quite skeptical about the use of a penis extender. Perhaps these tidbits of information should help enlighten the minds of those who are looking to finally see an increase in the size of the penises.

The Myths Surrounding Male enhancement

There isn’t a single man out in the world who doesn’t wish to have a bigger penis. This is simply representative of their masculinity, and having a small reproductive organ often implies that they won’t ever make a woman happy in bed, or wherever they decide to perform sexual acts in.

The mere concept of having a bigger penis has always been something which concerned males everywhere, and they would want to look for ways to increase penis size. With such, there’s a boost in confidence and a better ability to put a smile on their partners’ faces when having sex.

However, there have also been a number of beliefs which people have stood by over the years when it comes to this matter.

The truth is that some of these beliefs are nothing but a bunch of baloney designed to complicate one’s thoughts even further and lead him to avail of expensive solutions such as pills, ointments and paraphernalia like extenders.

To provide further enlightenment and clarification on the matter, below are some of the myths surrounding male enhancement techniques.

  1. To get the penis enlarged, chemicals should be released into a person’s blood stream. This is a myth that’s been going around for quite some time now, but it’s not even true. There aren’t any chemicals in a person’s blood that will allow them to experience a boost in penile size at all. There hasn’t been any evidence documented to prove that either.
  2. male enhancement patchesMen can experience effective enlargement of the penis through transdermal patches. Not only is this false, but using transdermal patches may end up being unsafe. Some may not experience problems with it, but others would be prone to getting acne, rashes and other conditions on the skin of their genitals. This can only lead to further embarrassment among the men who may have used them, and would find it difficult to get themselves checked by a physician. The reality is that there isn’t a single patch-based product out there which can contribute to the increase of penis size.
  3. Pills for penis enlargement are worth the investment. If there isn’t any bigger farce in the world of penis enhancement than this, then one would have to look a lot further. Pills which have been advertised to increase the size of a man’s reproductive organs are nothing but pure fallacy. They won’t work, despite the number of articles one would find all over the Internet. Even the medical journals have already claimed that penis size isn’t affected by any of these pills, and are only for those people who are so gullible, they’d buy anything that is advertised to increase their penile size.

These are three of the most common myths surrounding the concept of male enhancement. Now that these have been debunked, men can simply eliminate any thoughts of applying them in hopes of getting bigger penises.

For real results in enhanced penis size, it would be much better to engage in penis exercises as well as taking in a healthy bunch of foods that actually contribute to better health.

Tips to Increase Low Sperm Count the Natural Way

It has long been determined that a lot of men have been experiencing fertility problems. The most worrying about this fact is that it seems to be growing at such an alarming rate nowadays.

There are more and more men in the world who are finding it very difficult to raise families with their partners due to the deficiency of sperm production. Aside from that, it can also affect how they engage in sexual activities, leading them to feel a huge decline in their levels of self esteem.

After all, they would feel inadequate if they can’t provide their wives and girlfriends a child which they can call their own. Low sperm count is truly a frustrating problem to deal with, and there are very many reasons as to why men go through this.

In fact, one’s dietary practices as well as the way they live their lives have a huge impact. They may not exercise a lot and eat foods which are rich in preservatives, additives and all sorts of toxins.

Therefore, to remedy this problem, men should look into the following tips to increase their sperm count.

  1. oystersMen should consider upping their zinc intake. Zinc happens to be one of, if not the most essential mineral to consume, since it does a lot of good for the health of a man’s semen, as well as help it increase in volume. It’s also worth looking into that nearly 70 percent of the body’s zinc content is found in a man’s semen. When sperm is ejaculated, zinc is lost as well, which is why it’s necessary to continue replenishment for it. One can consume red meat, oysters, bananas and many other kinds of foods rich in it.
  2. It has also been suggested that wearing tight underwear or pants can lead to the development of low sperm production in men. While they won’t cause a man to lose functionality of his erection, any added pressure placed on the testicles may actually prevent it from producing a healthy amount of sperm. Adding to that is the lack of moisture and the abundance of heat in the testes which can affect the health of one’s sperm health and production.
  3. Smoking is also a huge reason why men aren’t able to produce lots of sperm. Not only would this cause problems with men being unable to hold their erections for a long time, but it also leads to the building up of plaque in the arteries. The carcinogens, tar and other components found in cigarettes are actually responsible for causing such massive damage in sperm count, and would definitely lead to male infertility. Therefore, it is necessary to eliminate this vice from one’s lifestyle completely.
  4. Drinking a lot of water is also essential since it keeps the body hydrated properly and could cleanse out any toxins that may lead to poor body functionality. Healthy water intake will lead to enhanced sperm production.

These are just some of the things that a man should consider when they want to avoid having low sperm count.

Tips You Can Do when Hair Loss is Hereditary

What causes hair loss? Seeing strands of hair on your bathroom floor can be a common sight for you. Hair loss is a problem not only to you but as well as your parents and family. This can be a big family problem.

Genetic s and Hair Loss

Problems with falling hair strands can be hereditary. It is not a good trait to inherit from your parents though. Baldness is a common problem on both sexes.

Anyone can have it. Other causes of this condition are poor nutrition, ailing health, old age, stress and presence of underlying diseases.

If it is genetics, it can be a hard problem to solve. Can you do something about it? Here are hair care tips that can help you in preserving the number of strands on your scalp and also to ensure hair growth.

High Protein Diet

The key to promoting hair growth is eating the right food. Eat more of white meat, beans and nuts. These foods are rich in protein which is the nutrient your strands need. Protein promotes collagen formation.

This is an essential compound that composes your hair. Dermatologists will recommend that you feast on high protein and low fat meals in order to help your hair follicles produce stronger and healthier hair strands.


Stress is one of the many factors to hair loss. Studies show that when you are exposed to too much stress, the process of cell development and rejuvenation is compromised. This may be the reason why you often see fallen strands on the floor. Get enough rest and find time to relax.

Combing Your Hair

wide-toothed hairbrushUse a wide-toothed hairbrush. This will prevent you from pulling off strands of hair from your scalp. Make sure to comb your hair after a shower in order to prevent tangling. Use a gentle conditioner in order to soften hair or a leave-on hair gloss.

These products may contain nutrients that your scalp need such as vitamin E. This antioxidant helps in producing stronger strands. Also, these products contain a moisturizing agent to combat dryness.

Do Not Use Hair Dryer

Using a hair dryer often can cause your hair to dry up and break. Genetically, you may have thinner hair and exposing it to heat may make it easier for it to break and fall off. Use a fan to dry your hair instead or a hair dryer at a cool setting.

Avoid Hair Dye and Bleach

Bleaching or using dyes for your hair exposes your strands to strong chemicals that can worsen hair loss. You will notice that after coloring your hair, your hair becomes dry and brittle. If you are having problems with hair loss, don’t make things worse and get rid of that hair bleach.

You may not be gifted with long, thicker and stronger strands yet you can do something to preserve the remaining hair on your scalp. Seek for your dermatologist’s help.

Hair loss can be reversed using natural remedies and products that aim to stimulate your hair follicle to produce healthier strands.

What in the World is an Elliptical Machine?

People are now more healthy and fitness conscious compared to how they were back in the days. Because of such, there are plenty of innovations in terms of fitness equipment. One of these is the elliptical machine.

What is an Elliptical Machine?

elliptical machineA lot of people are not that familiar with what an elliptical machine is. But in fact, they have surely seen one in commercial fitness gyms but are just completely clueless that it is called an elliptical machine.

By definition, it is a piece of fitness equipment, a stationary fitness machine to be exact.

The purpose of which is to simulate a lot of movement in just a single machine — movements like climbing stairs, running, and walking — simulating all of these with the lesser risk of getting an impact injury.

What is the Difference?

The elliptical machine is getting all the buzz these days; but why? Well to start with, it is very much different than other fitness machines and equipment. For starters, it is also called as a cross trainer since it literally cross trains your body.

The thing is, an elliptical machine does not only simulate running or walking, it also simulates climbing up the stairs.

But not just that — these brilliant devices also can give its user an upper body workout thanks to its moveable handle bars. In other words, using an elliptical does not only give a person cardio or lower body workouts, it likewise provides and upper body workout as well.

What are the Advantages?

Generally speaking, studies show that using a treadmill and an elliptical can give one the same cardiovascular workout. However, the major difference is the fact that one can get more variety using a cross trainer as compared to a treadmill.

Elliptical trainers are also not necessarily space consuming due to their huge sizes. There are actually numerous units available in the market that comes in “ergonomic space-saving designs”.

Moreover, there are in fact, foldable elliptical trainers as well that one can easily fold and store once done using them.

Another and probably the best advantage of using an elliptical trainer is the fact that everything the users do on the machine will have a lesser impact on his or her joints and body. Meaning, lesser chances of wearing your body out with all the aches and sores after every workout.

Elliptical Machines: Never Boring

Working out on an elliptical trainer will never ever be boring.

Why? It is simple — there is variety. Apart from the standard options that comes with every machine (e.g. the choice between wanting to simulate stair climbing, walking, or running), some of today’s top units come with a variety of built-in workout programs.

Plus, there are even units that come with incredible consoles that have wifi connectivity, built-in games, and many more features.

Elliptical machines are great innovations. These fitness machines can without a doubt, guarantee a total body workout at lesser discomfort.

The Possible Risks of Using a Penis Extender

Contrary to the amount of confidence seemingly on display, a lot of males are pretty insecure about themselves. In fact, they wouldn’t want to admit that they too have flaws and shortcomings which they feel need to be addressed in order to feel better about themselves.

penis extenderThis is most prevalent in the sizes of their genitals. There have been a lot of advertisements showcased all over the World Wide Web these days which often convince males everywhere to avail of a penis extender.

This is a device which is said to provide men with the penis size that they’ve always wanted to have. They would be guaranteed longer and wider penises.

While there are a lot of doctors and experts in the field of science that promote the use of such a device, one has to make sure that they avail of an extender which actually works.

Considering that a lot of men are pretty desperate about adding to their penis size in just about any way possible, it makes perfect sense for them to buy into things so easily.

With a lot of money spent on these devices, one needs to make sure they’re not falling into some dubious scheme that aims to profit from their gullibility. Not knowing the facts about some brands of these devices beforehand can open a man up to a world of potential risks to be encountered.

Below are just some of the possible risks to be encountered with a poor quality penile extender.

  1. One of the first things that a man has to be aware of is that not all devices are equal in quality. If an external contraption that’s not exactly garnering the highest ratings in some review sites is availed of, there’s a huge risk of inviting a great deal of danger into the mix. One may end up damaging their penis if they’re not careful on doing enough research on such devices.
  2. Another thing to look into is that the penis isn’t like the biceps or the triceps, muscles which a person can work on in order to see some size increases. The penis is actually quite delicate and sensitive, and one would need to make sure they’re using the right products on it. If a poor quality extender is used to stretch and increase the length & width of the penis, there just may be some dangers in damaging it further.
  3. Lastly, one has to be aware that the materials used in these devices aren’t all the same. There are some extenders which have been known to cause a variety of side effects, such as rashes on the skin surrounding the genital area, blood vessels which may have burst due to too much pressure, impotence and even urinary problems.

These are just some of the things that every man should know about using poor quality products that are advertised to improve penis size.

Therefore, it is necessary for a man to make sure that they’re using a penis extender which comes highly recommended by doctors, review websites and testimonials from other users.

Foods for Natural Male enhancement

Despite what most men believe, it is quite possible to have a bigger penis. This has always been something which concerned them a great deal. There’s no doubt that a lot of men would want to feel better about themselves, and at often times a bigger penis can do just that.

All men are born unequal in terms of physical attributes, and there will always be some who are rather discontent about the size and length of their genitals. To have a much larger penis size would mean that they can please their partners more effectively when engaged in sexual activity.

Apart from that, it also gives them much better self-esteem. Yet, for the most part, it has always been promoted as possible merely through the use of creams and extenders.

The truth is that there are natural ways of increasing penis size and improving sexual stamina, and it does have a lot to do with the food that a man eats.

Below are just a few foods which can make male enhancement possible, leading to a better and bigger penis size for men who feel they are sexually inadequate.

  1. Zinc is quite a crucial component in the increase of penis size. In fact, it’s something that’s commonly found in oysters, which is known to be quite the effective aphrodisiac. With zinc, the body tends to stimulate better production of testosterone, a hormone that’s known to contribute to the growth of the male organ, as well as a vital component for sexual functionality. Oysters are rich with zinc, yet they have to be raw, since cooking them only releases the properties which lead to the most benefit.
  2. bananaBananas are also known to have penis enlargement properties, and it’s all due to the fact that they contain an enzyme called bromelain. This enzyme has been known to reverse impotence and actually contribute to the increase of male libido, based on several studies conducted in the past. Along with high potassium levels, it can even increase a man’s endurance, allowing them to perform for much longer in bed. This nutrient actually makes it possible for the elimination of any excess sodium, which then leads to a better performing heart that’s rife with enhanced blood flow and circulation.
  3. Garlic is yet another food which can actually promote proper blood flow to a man’s penis. It contains alicin, which helps improve circulation in the penis, thus leading to longer lasting and much harder erections. However, if there is one concern about garlic is that it actually leads to a somewhat stinky breath. In such cases, it would be recommended to take pills which contain garlic.

These are just three of the many foods which can contribute to male enhancement.

No man would ever have to feel sexually inadequate anymore, since these foods do a pretty good job of improving their stamina, increasing their sexual appetite as well as give them harder and bigger erections.

With a bigger penis, the sexual experience would definitely be loads better.